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Murriel. Just Murriel.

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-Name--Murriel wiley
-Location--the woodlands texas baby!
-Favorite Era--hmm..prolly the 30's/40's
-Ulitmate place to live*--hmm, here in the woodlands...iwant to raise my babies
-Favorite Beatle (if you name a bug, please don't even apply)-- to be honest i dont even know much at all about the umm i guess who ever plays the drums?
-Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe*--oh definetly marilyn monroe..i l-o-v-e her.
-Favorite Movie--holes and bring it on..yes, go ahead, laugh at me
-5 Favorite Bands--yellowcard, bowling for soup,switchfoot and thats all i know...go ahead, laugh at me again.
-If you could be one flavor what would you be*--oh,'s sweet but sour to..just like me.
-Single or Taken-single
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