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Old School Beauty
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This community is all about different eras, and being gorgeous. So of course, it only makes sense that you have to be beautiful and know your shit to get in.

♥ your GORGEOUS mods ♥

Hannah- moonjuice858

Lauren- ohshitohshit

Brianna- ballparkfrank22

♥****All applications MUST be posted under an LJ cut.
♥Guys and Girls, doesn't matter. Everyones a beauty.
♥13+ plus please.
♥If you are not into being hot, and different eras this is the wrong place for you. Sorry.
♥****In the subject line for applications, write new, so we know you read all the rules. For stamped members, write beauty.
♥****The Application questions with stars, mean one word answers only. If you do otherwise, you will be automatically rejected. We don't need a book written.
♥If you don't like the rules, or don't follow them and we bitch, don't freak out and leave. Either get over it or don't apply. It's that simple.
♥ If you can't handle being put down, or have low self-esteem, this is the wrong community for you. You often hear something you don't want to in this community. It's how we are.
♥NEVER piss off the mods. You will be gone.

♥Favorite Era
♥Ulitmate place to live*
♥Favorite Beatle (if you name a bug, please don't even apply)
♥Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe*
♥Favorite Movie
♥5 Favorite Bands
♥If you could be one flavor what would you be*
♥Single or Taken*
♥********2 Pictures atleast. A majority of our decision is on looks, so prepare to be degraded. However, one needs to be silly, don't care what your doing, but were all silly people. Feel free to post more than two. We like to see your beautiful faces!